The eighth survey for women

of the 1973 - 78 cohort



How to complete this survey


This is the eighth survey for the women of the 1973-78 cohort.
As the purpose of the project is to look at changes over time, some of the questions are the same as those in previous surveys.


Please answer every question you can. If you are unsure about how to answer a question, mark the response for the closest answer to how you feel.


Please answer the survey for the time period indicated even if you are pregnant or your circumstances are unusual in some way unless the question states otherwise.


DATA LINKAGE: As you know (informed via the newsletter since 2004), Medicare Australia has agreed to regularly provide information held by them to ALSWH without your needing to consent every time. Other information such as birth and death records, disease registers and hospital discharge records, aged care and community datasets, will also be available (names and other personal details are not included with the information). You don’t need to do anything as a result of this information. However if you have any questions about this process or you want to opt out, call the Freecall number: 1800 068 081. For more information, see the newsletter.




You can only select one answer per row or column for questions with radio buttons (circles).

You may select more than one answer per row or column for questions with checkboxes (squares).
In order to progress through this survey, please use the following navigation buttons:


  • Click the 'Next' button to continue to the next page.


  • Click the 'Previous' button to return to the previous page.


  • Click the 'Resume later' button to have an email sent to you with a link to come back to the survey where you left off.


  • You will be notified if you have missed any questions on a page. Clicking 'Next' for a second time will progress you to the next page.



    If you need help to answer any questions, please ring 1800 068 081 (This is a FREECALL number).

    If you are concerned about any of your health experiences and would like some help, you may like to contact:

  • your nearest Women’s Health Centre or Community Health Centre
  • your General Practitioner for advice about who would be the best person in your community for you to talk to.
    If you feel distressed now and would like to talk to someone, you could ring Lifeline on 13 11 14 (local call).





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